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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bokeh Technique - Belair Creative Cards for July 2017

This month we will be using the bokeh technique to create interesting backgrounds.  Bokeh is a technique used in photography and transfers nicely over to stamping techniques.  There is lots of inspiration on the internet using this technique, have a search for “bokeh stamping” and see if you can work out where I got my inspiration from. 

There are several different ways to create the background.  You can use watercolour paper (wet the paper first), whisper white cardstock (ink direct to cardstock), shimmery white cardstock (either technique – wet cardstock first or ink direct to cardstock).

You will need:-
Aqua painter/and or spray bottle with a fine mist
Reinkers – 3 colours work the best, monotone works really well for this technique. (watercolour paper technique) and coordinating cardstock
Stamp Pads – 3 colours (ink direct to cardstock technique)
Paint palette
Whisper white craft ink
Water to dilute reinkers
Heat gun
Watercolour paper or shimmery white cardstock
Something to apply the colour to the cardstock for eg sponge, daubers
Stencil with different sized circles cut out – 3 is ideal – you can make one yourself with a piece of acetate or vellum and circle dies or punches
Washi tape
Stamp set with large greeting (black stamp pad – stazeon works best for this technique) or die cut greeting.
basic black cardstock
Embossing paste (optional)

Using watercolour paper technique

Apply water using the aqua painter to your paper.   You can also use a spray bottle to mist the cardstock.  On the paint palette add a few drops of colour to each well in the palette then add 3 drops of water to each to dilute the colour.  Pick the colour up with your aqua painter and touch the wetted cardstock.  The colour will spread.  Apply this to about 1/3 of your cardstock.  Repeat with the other two colours, allowing for blending as you go.  Fill in any blank areas with the first two colours.  Set aside to dry or heat with your heat gun.

Place the stencil over your artwork and tape down the stencil on either side.  Apply whisper white ink using either a sponge or dauber to the circles.  The larger the circle, the paler you want the white to be (this makes the larger circles seem further away).  Don’t reapply ink inbetween circles.  You will notice that the white pigment ink is blending with the colours underneath.  This is what you are aiming for.  Now with the next size, fill in some blank areas on your card but this time reapply ink every other circle.  For the 3rd sized circle, overlap the larger circle, making sure to reapply ink each time.  Set aside to dry completely.

Cut out Happy Birthday in black cardstock using the "happy birthday thinlits die" and attach to the front of your card.  Alternatively, stamp a bold greeting using black Stazon.  Assemble card as desired.

Shimmery White or Whisper White cardstock – Ink direct to cardstock technique.

Apply ink to cardstock using a sponge or dauber using a circular motion to 1/3 of the cardstock.  Start with first colour, usually the darkest of the three colours as with watercolour paper technique.

a) you could use a sponge brayer to add the ink to the cardstock, 
b) use a coloured piece of cardstock instead of whisper white for your background.

Repeat the step for placing the stencil over artwork as in watercolour paper technique to add the white craft ink.

Shimmery White or Whisper White cardstock – Ink direct to cardstock technique using a stencil

This technique is very a variation of the Shimmery White or Whisper White Cardstock – ink direct to cardstock technique but instead of randomly applying ink to the cardstock, use a stencil.  The stencil can be any shape you like.  Circles work really well, but I have seen other demonstrators use hexagons, hearts and stars.

Here is what to do.  Place your cardstock down, place one of the shapes of your stencil over an edge of the cardstock.  Start with the palest colour this time using a sponge or dauber apply ink in a circular motion to the cardstock exposed through the largest circle on the stencil.  As before, cover about 1/3 with this cardstock.  Complete using the other two colours and sized circles.  You can leave it like this, but to add more depth to the background as we have with the other two techniques, apply whisper white craft ink (pigment) using the same process.

Shimmery White or Whisper White cardstock – Ink direct to cardstock technique using a stencil and embossing paste.

To add an extra wow factor to the above technique, use the stencil to add embossing paste.  This adds texture which gives a different look again.