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Monday, September 19, 2016

Popup Panel Card and the Paisleys & Posies stamp set

What you need:
Stamp Set:  Paisleys & Posies, Layered Letters
Tools:  Pretty Paisleys textured Impressions Embossing Folder, Hello You thinlits, Wink of Stella - clear

base: - whisper white - 10.5 cm x 30 cm ( ½ A4 cut longways)
layer: - Sweet Sugarplum - 10 cm x 14.3 cm
embellishments: - whisper white, dsp, etc

Whisper white - 20cm x 28cm
Whisper white – 6cm x 24cm (this will give you 4 x 6x6 squares)
Dapper Denim – 7cm x 28cm (fold in half then fold in ends to halve again forming a W shape).

Using the inside whisper white (20cm x 28cm) piece, Line up on 15cm line on the paper trimmer. 
Cut between 10.5 – 0cm and then 17.5cm to 28cm. 
Now line up on 5cm line. 
Cut between 10.5 – 0cm and then 17.5cm to 28cm.

·         Rotate 90(horizontal) Score at 14cm.

·         Rotate back to portrait.  Draw centre line at 10cm (vertical).

·         Rotate back to horizontal.  On the centre score line edge of the card,  measure 3cm each side of score line on both edges.  Place a dot.
·         Draw a line from the cut to the 3cm dot from all 4 cuts.

·         You now have this shape

·         Fold in half down middle score line.

·         Place your finger in the middle of the card.  Take the right side of the “T shape” and line up the mid score line with the drawn vertical centre line forming a crease at a 45o angle.  Score. 

·         Open back out.
·         Repeat on the left side. 
·         This is the trickiest part of the card.

·         Recrease all score lines in both directions
·         Fold back in half, now pop the sides in to form a triangular shape at the top giving a house shape. 
·         Fold your outside base in half and line up the house shape in the centre.  Attach, lining up the fold line with the peak of the house.
·         With the Dapper Denim piece (7cm x 28cm), fold in half then half again, giving a W shape. 
·         Open the whisper white piece and place a glue dot in the bottom left wing and the top right wing. 
·         Now fold back up again, opening slightly.
·         Place the Dapper Denim piece in centre with the opening facing downwards.  On the left hand side, press firmly so the glue dot adheres to the dapper denim. 
·         Now to attach the right hand side.  The glue dot is in the top right hand side and needs to be attached to the dapper denim piece on the back.  You now have to move the flap, so it is underneath the dapper denim.  Press to adhere together. 
·         The glue dot will be on the bottom panel of the Dapper Denim. 
·         Open up card, the Dapper Denim panel should straighten out to form the T shape.
·         On the 6 x 24cm card, rule at 6cm intervals to give you 4 6cm squares. 
·         Stamp “Birthday” using layered letters on the 6x24 piece card.  Cut at lines.
·         Embellish front of card as desired.
posies stamp set, pretty paisleys textured Impressions embossing folder, layered letters stamp set, hello you  thinlits, wink of stella

1 comment:

Lou said...

Thank you so much for your fantastic instructions Teresa. They made doing this card fold so simple and made explaining it in a class so easy. Thanks for sharing them. I have added the link back here from my blog post showing my effort using your instructions.